Alienware VS. Apple

Friday, September 08, 2006

Alienware area 51 7500 VS. Apple Imac
The two desktop computer systems I decided to compare are the new imac which has a cost of $2249 CD, and can be upgraded from there, and the alienware area 51 7500 that has a cost of $1899 CD, but it also can be upgraded from there. Both desktops are great but its up to the person going to be using the PC to determine what it is they want to use it for but I will try to give a bit of knowledge about the two. So first of all the imac is a great desktop, with a nice sleek design, for those looking to do lots of photo, video and, music editing so it would probably be for some one who likes to keep lots of pictures and home movies the Imac comes with a 250gig hard drive installed, which can be upgraded, to store all you media, a 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which can be upgraded, a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, which can be upgraded, also the monitor is a nice size of 24" which is the largest size of Imac, and also comes along with a dvd/cd burner so that you make copies of all your movies, photos, and music for friends and family. I would say that the apple Imac is a great system for media but the price tag is a little to high at a whopping $2249 CD the Imac is a bit too high in price for what it does. Now the Alienware area 51 7500 is also a great computer, also very nice looking with the nice signature alienware style tower which comes in many different colors and comes equipped with a flat LCD monitor. Now the alien ware as I said is different from the Imac in that it doesn’t peek in photo and movie editing and storing it too can do these things but not as well as the Imac, it does however do fine with music as almost all PC’s do. The alienware however does play games very well which is where it peaks it comes with a fairly good video card which could be upgraded on order, it also comes with a Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz processor, which may be upgraded, also a 250gig hard drive, which may be upgraded, 16x Dual Layer DVD burner, which can be upgraded or if you like you could add another one, comes and a 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 7900 GT video card, which also can be upgraded, for any gamers out there, and it comes stock monitor of 17" but can be upgrade to be as large or bigger than the Imac. So as you can see both come with a fair amount of stuff installed and a fair bit which can be upgraded so there is not a big difference but I would have to say alienware is a slight bit better on the gaming end and the Imac is better on the media end but both don’t out do each other by much as far as components go. Then there is look which are two different things one is a small sleek white color system and the other is a nice tower which can come in many different colors as far as that goes I would say it is up to the persons taste as to which they would like better. Then finally there is price, as far as price goes the alien ware is slightly cheaper of the start so if I was to choose I would choose the alien ware because it is a few 100 dollars cheaper than the Imac but both are definitely two great PC’s but in the end I would choose the alien ware due to price but if price was no option I would say to go for the Imac.

(all information was taken from both alienware and apples home sites so if you would like to research more they are and )